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Tensions are high in America and politics are driving a wedge between its citizens.

At times this divisiveness can make us feel pretty helpless and angry. But here’s the silver lining: people are paying attention, and an engaged public is better than a passive one. The challenge we’re faced with is knowing where to direct that attention. The Wedge is here to help.

Wedge issues are used by politicians and the media to widen gaps between us and rile up their fan bases, pitting family against family and neighbor against neighbor. That only works when we’re uninformed. The goal of The Wedge is to approach the most divisive political issues of our time by considering each others’ points of view and experiences.

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We hear a lot of talk about conservatives vs liberals. Even in the confrontational environment we live in, we hope you can re-discover some of the common ground that exists between red and blue.

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The issues

Learn more about the issues that divide us. We urge you to explore an opinion that you don’t really share. You may not change your mind, but maybe you’ll start to understand where other people are coming from.

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The creators

Nick and Salil started The Wedge because they felt their years of experience in the world of communications, design, and software development could be used to start addressing the widening political gap in our country.

We aren’t political experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we are creative problem solvers. We plan on using this platform to create tools and content that address some of our country’s anger and frustration. If you have any ideas, want to collaborate, or to start a conversation, please reach out.

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